Our Approach

Adults and children face numerous challenges in our world today and all too often a significant stress and trauma in their life exceeds their resources to cope with the situation leading to feelings of distress.  However, some people can manage the situation themselves without seeking any assistance. 

Masithethe Counselling Services (previously called LifeLine East London) has spent the past 35 odd years interfacing with distressed and traumatized adults and children, providing emotional support whilst facilitating the development of and further adaptation of the individuals resilience skills.  This then brings the person back into balance allowing the person to cope and recover.  Those struggling to get back into balance are referred for professional-level support by Clinical Social Workers, Psychologists and Psychiatrists.

Our outcome goals are centered on the understanding that an adult and child is more likely to be resilient if they can:

  • Communicate
  • Solve problems
  • Manage feelings and impulses
  • Understand how other people are feeling &
  • Establish trusting relationships 

and we strive to develop these skills through all our interventions.