Depression si currently ranked 3rd in the global burden of disease, and is projected to rank first in 2030.

World Health Organization (WHQ)

Stress impacts on our bodies physically and emotionally, it impacts our relationships, on our work and other normal functioning.

Despite its potential devastating impact on our lives we are constantly reminded that some stress can be actually good for us. For some people, it challenges them acting as a motivator, challenging them, keeping them more alert and motivated to adapt and grow in their lives.

Stress is not always bad, but the level of stress that we experience in our daily lives can be bad for us.  Our body is damaged by prolonged periods of stress.  Chronic stress physically weakens our immune system opening us to a host of illnesses our body cannot fight off.

Stress not only affects us physically but also impacts our feelings of general wellbeing.  Being stressed out can stop us from enjoying life and can make life appear meaningless and lead to depression.  It impacts on our relationships and can affect how we respond to and function in relationships which in turn can contribute to more stress.  Some people turn to alcohol and drugs to help them deal with stress.  This can then develop into a problem itself, increasing the amount of stress for that person.

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